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This is "Collection of LCD Television Repair Tips" V2.0 ebook. Where this guide is easy to use and straight to the point. For example, if yours Samsung LN46B530 problem is no display but backlight working, you may found the tips or problem solution on which section is fail and what component is failure and need to replace.

The Collection of LCD TV Repair Tips V2.0 guide cover these brands and models LCD TV: 

Brands: Models:







 IDLCD27TV006 Chassis CTV100, IDLCD32TV27HD, LCD42TV025HD Chassis 17MB22







 DML-4117W, DML4126



 Chassis L4 (BEKO)

 LD3765D, LD3265D1, GTV26W8HD, GTVL32W27HDF, LD3261HDFVT







LT32DS6BJ, LT26C31



 RZ-20LA70, 37LC2DB, 32LC2R, 32LC2RTJ, 37LC7R, 37LF66



 TC-37LX70D, TC-32LED80D, TX-32LMD70



 26PFL3403/10 Chassis TCM2.0 LA   



 L37WD22, L37WD250, L42WD22, L42WD250, L46WD22, L42WD250




 LE27S73BDX, LE40R87BD, LE32R73BD, LN19B360C, LN26B360C, LN22B460B, LN32B550K, LN37B550K, LN40B550K, LN46B530P, LN46B550K, LN52B540P,  LN52B550K, LN32D450, LN52A650,  LN32C350D, LN40C550, LN52C530, LNT5271FX, UN46C6300, UN46D6420, UN46D6900  & etc. **



 DP37819, DP42849, DP46849, DP50749, DP42840, DP46840, DP50740



 LC32G4U, LC37G4U, LC20S1E, LC-26D44E, LC26P55E, LC32P55E, LC37P55E, LC32P70E, LC32GA8E, LC37GD8E, LC32SD1E, LC42SD1EK, LC26SD1EK, LC37SD1EK




 KDL32S2010E Chassis WAX2, KLV-30HR3, KDL-26S2030, KDL-V40A12U Chassis AT2X

 L32M61B with PWL37C PSU, L37M61B













 15V330DB, 27WL54G, 27WL46






 LCD3210AF Chassis 17MB116, L32TA6A

Note: ** = This brand of LCD TV not list out all their model number. Because the other models lcd tv has a same symptom or call common fault. So combine these models to one repair tips or repair solution for saving some space here.


Actually this guide compilation common fault and erratic functions of LCD TV. For example:  

No Power, Dead 

No Display with blue or green colour LED light lit

No Display but Backlight working and sound ok 

No Display on TV mode but working on AV mode

No Display with red or orange colour LED light flashing

No Startup or Slow start-up, Stuck in Standby Mode 

Display Shutdown after a while

Display Distortion

Double Images on screen

Negative Picture on Screen 

Solarisation Image 

Hum, Buzz or Hissing Noise inside the LCD TV 

Sound / Audio Problem 

Erratic Functions or Intermittent Problem 

Display Darkness, Backlight Failure or Inverter Problem 

Display Colour Problem 

Horizontal or Vertical Lines & Bars in the screen 

Login Service Mode 

Solve LCD TV Under Protection Mode

EEPROM dumps corrupt symtoms, Firmware Issues

& so on……… 

Sometimes, when I’m stuck in repair the LCD TV, I will refer back to this guide and find some idea or tips to repair that LCD TV. For example, my LCD TV symptom is No Display, even that model number not listed in the guide, but I will try to find their related symptom by other brands and models. After I got what’s the common section and failure components will always causes this symptom, then I will concentrate to troubleshooting and repairing on that area. Most of the time, it help me a lots.  


Not only that, this Collection of LCD TV Repair Tips V2.0 ebook included 3 bonuses  of  LCD TV repair case histories. These bonuses as below:


bonus 1

SONY KLV-37S550A LCD TV with Stuck in Standby Mode, No Display and No Sound Problems!        

sony klv-37s550a stuck in standby mode 


You can learn how to connect Power Supply Board (PSU) power on (start-up) itself without connect Mainboard and Inverter board!

 How to connect power supply PSU board self test

 (After Repair!)

sony klv-37s550a no display ok 



bonus 2

LG LM295B-RA LCD AV Monitor with Display Distortion Problem or the Display Full of Slash Lines

lg lm295b-ra display distortion 

 (After Repair!)

 lg lm295b-ra problem solved



bonus 3

Samsung LA-32B350F2 LCD TV with Screen Full of Black & White Vertical Lines

samsung la-32b350 vertical lines or bars

 This Samsung LCD TV problem solved! But it is not the mainboard, LVDS cable or T-CON board problem, it was LCD Panel problem! After repair, the lcd panel working properly!

 (After Repair!)

 samsung la-32b350 display vertical lines fixed



  Here's a preview of some pages from the LCD TV Repair Tips V2.0 guide!


lcd tv repair tips ebook V2.0 capture pages


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Bonus: Included Email Support & 3 Bonuses of LCD TV Repair Case Histories!
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I look forward to getting a letter from you and telling me about your LCD TV repair experience. Even though I may receive a lot of mails, please do write to me. I'd love to hear your success story! 

 Happy Repairing!

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