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If you’re a TV Repairer, you will know this time lots of the “Smart TV” are coming to repair now. Nowadays, this type of smart tv using "built-in" Good news to the TV repairer, an ebook will revealed all the Smart TV repairing information that help to you easily to repair the TV. This new ebook called: “6.0-Smart OLED/LED/LCD TV Repair Tips” and this ebook is Pre-Launch now!


Compare to the previous series TV repair tips ebooks, this ebook will more on smart tv mainboard repair information. For example, the correct way to programming or upgrade the TV mainboard (EEPROM, SPI, NOR, NAND & eMMC), WIFI section, Bluetooth section, Network, Android section, etc. But also included the TV repair tips on power supply (PSU), LED/LCD backlight, T-CON board (Panel/Screen), Mainboard, COF BoardView & etc. 


As usual, the series of Collection of V1.0, V2.0, V3.0, V4.0 & V5.0 ebooks all are included the great repairing information to helps the repairer, especially the V3.0, V4.0 & V5.0 ebooks. This time, the V6.0 ebook is Pre-Launching now with the great repairing information like below:

 A Secret Revealed on How toRepair TV Mainboard. Before You Make Decision to Replace TV Mainboard, You need to Read this First!!!

 The 3D Smart LED/LCD TV Repair Tips! Various TV Brands and Symptoms, also included the OEM Brands TV (with Universal TV Mainboard). For example:

 TV Stuck on Logo Problem

 TV Shows Logo and Reboot, non-stop to Reboot

 TV Can't Start-up Problem

 TV Abnormal Display Problem

 Front Keypad Buttons not working. Also the Remote Control not working, too.

 TV Shows Blue Screen only

 TV Blinking the front indicator LED light with Blue & Orange color, non-stop and TV no display.

 No Power

 No Display

 TV Randomly No Display

 TV Channels Problem

 TV No Sound or Sound Abnormal Problem

 No Backlight

 TV Turn On then Shuts Down

 TV No WIFI Connection Error or WIFI Problem

 TV Network Port Problem

 TV HDMI Problem

 TV No Display in VGA Mode Input

 TV Display Partial Area Darkness Problem

 TV Grey Display (Backlight lit but no display). But the front indicator LED light has changed to green color light.

 TV Display Abnormal While Online Watching 4K Movies


 TV Randomly Hang/Crashes Problem

 How to Clear Protection Error Memory Problem

 and Much More!!!


Do you know, what's the functions of these EEPROM, SPI Flash, NOR Flash, NAND Flash and eMMC in TV Mainboard?

• For non-Smart TV Mainboard
• For Smart TV Mainboard

 How to Programming/Upgrading the TV Mainboard the Right Way? When it has the different type of Flash memory, NAND and eMMC?

 How to Upgrading/Programming the Universal TV Mainboard Firmware? How Can I Get or Find the TV Firmware?

 What's the difference of firmware backup/copy(clone) from Universal Programmer vs firmware from the TV Manufacturer?

Also what, how and when need to use the BootLoader (mBoot) firmware? And how to do the programming for the TV Mainboard the correct way! Especially the Smart TV with Android platform TV Mainboard.

How do i know the Memory IC (Flash memory) is normal or abnormal?

• If Memory IC Hardware Problem
• If Memory IC Software Problem

 How to Soldering & De-soldering the BGA chips of: CPU/Mainchip, eMMC, NAND and DDR RAM.

 How to Handmade Replace the Small & Medium Size of BGA Chip in TV Mainboard

 How to Reballing the BGA Chip. 

90 of various BoardView (Point Bitmaps) of EMMC chip to use in the RT809H Programmer for Read & Write their firmware easily.

Another New Tool/Tester to Easily to do the LED & LCD TV PSU (Power Supply Unit) Self-Test with Monitoring Feature.

 Which LED TV Backlight Tester is "Best" to use?

The meaning of "Best" is the tester will not "burn" the LED light bulb/s can causing your LED Strip damage more LED light bulb/s. Also the tester can testing LED Strip with high current (but under the save current range, below 300 or 250mA, depends the LED Strip). Becausse some of the LED TV Backlight Tester provided low current output (20~30mA) and causing the repairer doing wrong judgment think that LED Strip/LED light bulb is in good condition.

 Total of 107 various LCD/LED Backlight driver/Inverter IC, Bypass IC Protection List!

 Collection of COF BoardView List for LED/LCD TV Panel.

 SMD 6-Pins IC Marking Code and their Equivalent List.

 Collection of Service Menu/Factory Mode Login Methods

• Steps to login to Branded TV Mainboard Service Menu/Factory Setting
• Steps to login to Universal LCD/LED Mainboard Factory Setting
• Collection of China Made Universal TV Mainboard Login Service Menu Methods


As usual, in this V6.0 Smart OLED/LED/LCD TV Repair Tips ebook, it also included Bonuses like:

LED & LCD TV Repair Tips (Different brands of TV)

Collection of LED & LCD TV their Service Menu/Mode or Factory Mode Login Methods.

Universal Mainboard (China Made) repairing information like Schematic Diagram and also provided their firmwares!!!

• CV338H-A42_HD-LSC480HN08
• CV338H-A42_JINPIN_NIKAI_LC390TU1A_1366x768
• MSD338STV5.0 Universal TV Mainboard
• MSV59S.21 Universal Tv Mainboard
• SKR.801 Universal TV Mainboard_(SONY & SAMSUNG)
• T.R83.031 Universal TV Mainboard
• T.V56.A8 Universal TV Mainboard
• T.VST59S.81 Universal TV Mainboard
• T56J11 Universal TV Mainboard-All Resolutions
• T56U11 Universal TV MB-with China-LG-Samsung-SONY remote.
• TP.VST59.PA671 Universal TV Mainboard
• TP.VST59S.PB801 Universal TV Mainboard
• TP_MS338_PB801 Universal TV Mainboard
• TR85_PB816L Universal TV Mainboard
• VST56.03_Universal TV Mainboard-New2017 version
• VST56.03-PAL Universal TV Mainboard
• VST56_PB801_A20-66V-94V 600MA-45W & etc.


Universal Mainboard (China Made) repairing information like Schematic Diagrams:

MSD6A638JSM Chassis Schematic ODM by Haier
MST6M182 Chassis Schematic ODM by Haier
MT8222 Chassis Schematic Diagram
P65-59S V6.0_VST59 Schematic Diagram
T.MT5508.U801 Schematic Diagram
TP.MT5510I.PB801 Schematic Diagram
TP.VST59.P83 Schematic Diagram
TP.VST59.PB818 Schematic Diagram
TP.VST69D.PB83B Schematic Diagram
TP.VST69D.PB751 Schematic Diagram
TP.VST69D.PC801 Schematic Diagram
TP.VST69T.PB901 Schematic Diagram
TSUM.V59MS.T9B Schematic Diagram
VESTEL 17MB95-2 Schematic Diagram

LED/LCD TV Interconnect Diagram

LED & LCD TV Power Supply (PSU) Schematic Diagrams

Samsung FastTrack Training information

Included another great unadvertised bonuses!

And much more!!!

The snapshot of V6.0-Smart OLED/LED/LCD TV Repair Tips ebook!

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Compatible with: PC, Laptop & MAC Computer

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There will be no shipping and handling because it's in the PDF format file and NOT a Hard Copy Book. That means you won't have to wait in order to begin using these repair information. You can be on your way to success in just a few minutes. Even if you have never downloaded anything from the Internet before, don't worry, it comes with instructions. This info-product is one-of-a-kind and not found in any bookstore or website, just here!  

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Enjoy & Happy Repairing!

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P.S: With just one successful repaired (with the help of “V6.0- Smart OLED/LCD/LED TV Repair Tips” E-book) you already get back your investment! This e-book will pay itself back many times! 

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