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V4 LED LCD TV Repair Tips ebook

Welcome to LCDRepairGuide.com! This is "V4.0- Collection of LCD & LED Television Repair Tips" ebook. The guide is easy to use and straight to the point to let you learn or solve your TV problems. As usual, the Collection of LED LCD TV Repair Tips V4.0 guide included LCD & LED TV repair tips. NOT only that, it also cover three main sections on LCD TV. They are:

 1) Power Supply Board/IP Board (Inverter Power Supply Board)

 2) Main board

 3) T-CON Board (LCD Controller Board or Timing Control Board)

 4) LCD LED Panel Replacement


From my previous V2.0 & V3.0 ebooks launch, i had received lots of TV repairer or ebook buyer email me these ebooks were helped them a lot. And they also suggested me to provide more repair information or tips like T-CON, LCD Panel and the Main board. So in this V4.0 ebook, i had provided even more greater repair information in it.

I believe that, after you read this V4.0 ebook, you will quickly go to your dustbin or garbage to take back the damage Main board or T-con Board. After that re-check the boards and maybe you can bring back the board/s to life.

If you're a repairer or hobbyist in TV repair, then you want to improve your skills on LCD & LED TV repair, so just ask yourself some questions:


 Do you know how to test the Main board besides the voltages and signals tests? 

 Do you know how to Bypass the LCD TV Inverter OVP Protection to let you repair the inverter board in components level?

 Do you know how to choose the compatible or equivalent Flash Memory & EEPROM IC for the TV & Monitor Main board?

 Do you know how the T-CON board GAMMA & Vcom voltages generated?   

 Do you know the method on how to find the LCD LED TV Panel replacement?

 Do you know how to test the Timing Control circuit (Included DC-DC [this content is inside the V3.0 ebook] and their GAMMA sections) in Main Board, T-CON Board or Built-in LCD/LED Panel?


All the above questions, you can find their answer inside this V4.0- Collection of LCD & LED TV Repair Tips ebook. Not only that, it also cover lots of valuable information inside. For example: 

 LCD & LED TV Repair Tips (They are difference contents than V1, V2 & V3 ebooks)

 How to Isolate the LCD TV problem fast!

 Another Main Board Secret Repair Tips Revealed!

 How to Find a Substitution of SPI Flash Memory and EEPROM ICs in LCD LED TV and Monitor

 The Serial SPI Flash Memory Substitute/Compatible List

 What is LED Driver in LED TV?

 LED Backlight Repair Tips for LED TV

 How to Bypass LCD TV Inverter Board Shutdown Backlight Problem- Inverter IC List!

 The Method of How to Find LCD & LED TV Panel/Screen as a Replacement or Equivalent!

 The T-CON Board

 The Importance of Checking GAMMA & Vcom Voltages inside T-CON Board

 How to GAMMA Channels Voltages and Vcom (VCM) Voltages Generated?

 What will Happen When Vcom/VCM voltage missing?

 How to Know the GAMMA Channels Voltages Normal or Abnormal?

 Why After Replaced the AS15-G to AS15-HG (or AS15-G to AS15-F) GAMMA IC the TV Still has Problem?

 Various of T-CON Board Testing Points and Their Symptom When Voltages Fail to Appears

 Repair Case Study for T-CON Board

 T-CON Board Repair Tips

 And more!



Sometimes, when I’m stuck in repair the LED or LCD TV, I always refer back to my previous volume of ebooks and also this V4.0 ebook to find some idea or tips to repair that LCD or LED TV. For example, 

The Main Board secret repair tips revealed


Not only that, this V4.0- Collection of LCD TV Repair Tips ebook included 2 bonuses  - Bonus-A and Bonus-B. The Bonus-A is included of  10 x LG LCD & LED TV Interconnect Diagrams and 8 x Various Inches Sizes and Brands of T-CON Board Schematic/Circuits Diagrams! These bonuses are hard to get it or not found anywhere else!


BONUS-A: (Inside the E-book)

Bonus 1

Bonus-LG Interconnect diagram 


These Interconnect Diagrams provides the good testing voltages and waveform. It also has the TV on standby and loading/running voltages. So that you can compare with it and found which section, lines or components are defective or damage. And you can apply this experience to other brands of LCD & LED TV too!


Bonus 2 

 Bonus-T-con board V315B3-C01

These T-CON boards schematic or circuits' diagrams included various sizes of LCD & LED Panel. You can view these diagrams and found that T-Con board is not so hard to understand. So I believe that after you read this V4.0 ebook, you can troubleshoot the T-con easily.

If you're a professional TV repairer or hobbyist repairer, you must know how the T-con board or LCD Controller Board works. For example the CRT TV or monitor, you know how to repair it but you don't know how to repair their Video board or even don't know the Video board work? So how can be a professional TV repairer?


BONUS-B:(External link to a Download Page)

A) Flash Memory (Cross Reference Tables and Specification List)

B) LCD & LED Panel Specification List

C) Samsung LCD & LED TV FastTrack Training Notes

D) LCD & LED TV Power Supply Schematic Diagram 


Let's us go to learn the mystery of LCD Panel & Timing Control Board and then breakthrough your skills to next level now!


  Here's a preview of some pages from the V4.0 LCD & LED TV Repair Tips ebook!

 v4.0 ebook preview


Product Details:
E-book Format: PDF file
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Language: English
Bonus: Included Email Support & 2 Bonuses of LCD & LED TV repairing information!
Compatible with: PC, Laptop & MAC Computer

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 Kent Liew


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 ** All Volumes (V1.01, V2.0, V3.0 & V4.0) of LED LCD TV Repair Tips Ebooks have totally different contents and cases. So don't worry about the repairing information inside the ebooks. Enjoy repair!