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"LCD/LED Screen Panel Repair Guide!"


lcd led tv monitor screen panel repair guide

A good news to the repairer that a new ebook call" LCD/LED Screen Repair Guide” is Pre-Launch now! The flat screen television like LCD TV, LED TV and Plasma TV were fully on the market now.

Nowadays to repair the LCD or LED TV is not so hard to compare 3~4 years ago. But when the LCD/LED TV problem is causing by their screen problem (some will call it as LCD Panel), most of them are beyond repair or not worth to repair it. Because the new LCD Panel price is quite expensive and nearly the 70~90% of new TV price!  

From these past years, I found out that SONY, TOSHIBA and OEM brands LCD/LED TV having lots of display problem and it is because of the Panel failure. And this Panel fault was causing by a “branded” Panel manufacturer! (Here I don’t want to write which company…  J). 

But from now, please DON’T throw your LCD/LED TV with screen problem into the dustbin. Because it can fix by the method teach on this LCD/LED Screen Panel Repair guide! This is a HUGE market for TV repairer and also who are repair the LCD/LED Monitor screen! (For your information, the Laptop screen, also nearly same as the Monitor LCD/LED screen)

Why this LCD/LED screen panel repair has a huge market? It is because lots of the repairer when they saw that LCD/LED TV or monitor was display problem and they think it was the screen panel fault. They will not accept this TV into their workbench and ask customer take it back and don’t want to waste time to repairing it. Even the repair shop or repairer received call from customer with explain their TV symptom is screen problem, they directly tell the customer it's not worth to repair and better buy a new TV!

Actually their judgements are not 100% necessarily accurate. After you read this repair guide, then you will know how to accurately isolate the screen panel problem. So that you know the problem is in Mainboard, T-con board/section or their Panel glass failure. So you know which board/section was defective, directly replace it and the problem solved. Or you have good skills in testing electronics, so you can do the components level repair and earn more profit! So it will directly increase the success repair rate in LCD/LED screen repair.  

display double images, jumping and horizontal lines problem solved


display blur or nearly white screen problem repaired


vertical color strip bar with slowly changed to no display


buy lcd led screen fix guide


For the other display problems also included in this ebook like:

No Display,

 Grey Display,

 White Display,

Screen Double Images,

Display Jumping/Jittering,

 Display Distortion,

Display Upside Down Solution,

Horizontal & Vertical Lines/Bars,

Half Display Reverse and so on.

If you’re a repairer or if you want to repair the LCD/LED screen panel, so just ask yourself some question: 

-          Do you know how the LCD/LED screens panel working?  

-          Do you know how the T-con board/circuit function? 

-          Do you know what or which voltages (VGH, VGL, VDD, AVDD, VON and so on) are generated from T-con DC-DC circuit and where these voltages go?  

-          Do you know what is the purpose of T-con board signals (STV, CKB, CKVB, VCOM, TP, XAO, GOE and so on) generate and where they go?  

-          Do you know when the T-con DC-DC voltages or signals line missing, so what’s the problem will show on TV screen? 

-          Do you know how to isolate the TV display problem is in Mainboard, T-con board/section or their Panel Glass problem?  

All the above questions, you can find their answer inside this LCD/LED Screen Panel Repair ebook. Not only that, it also cover lots of other valuable information inside the ebook. Below is the Ebook contents: 

Part-1: Basic Theory of How an LCD Screen Work   

How LCD/LED TV Works?        

How an LCD Display Work        

What are LCD Screen and LCD Panel?  

T-con Boar Part Number  

TAB/COF IC Part Number         

LCD Panel Part or Model Number        


Part-2: How an LCD/LED Screen Panel Works        

Types of LCD Panel and Their Structure        

The TFT LCD Structure   

Learn About LCD TV and TFT LCD Displays         

How TFT LCD Pixels Work       

The TFT LCD Pixel          

The Resolution of an LCD Panel with TAB/COF     

A Block Diagram of Driving an LCD Panel    

Gate Driver Signals & Supply Lines     

How a CPT CLAA320WB02 LCD Panel Work        

Terminology of the T-con Board and LCD Panel     

Typical Waveform of Gate Driver Control Signals    

Timing Control (TCON) IC CM2681A-KQ Diagram          

If These Supply Voltages & Control Signals Missing What will Happen in LCD Panel?      


Part-3: How to Troubleshooting & Repairing LCD/LED Screen & Panel         

Tools and Equipment for LCD Screen Panel Repair  

How to Isolate Display Problem from Mainboard, T-con Board or LCD  Panel?         

What is TAB Bypass Modification?      

What is LCD Panel Cut Off Modification?     

TAB Bonding Machine    

Laser Repair System         


Part-4: LCD/LED Screen Panel Repair Case Histories        

How to Repair Double Images Problem on Samsung LCD Screen         

Samsung LTA320AP Series LCD Panel with Double Images Problem Solved  

Samsung LCD Panel with Display Problem Causing by Gate Driver Sides      

TAB Bypass Modification Repair Case Histories      

How to Solve LG LCD Panel Display Upside Down Problem       

How to Solve BOE HV320WXC-200 Panel Upside Down Problem        

Display Left Right Reverse Problem Solved   

White Screen Problem on V315B3-C04 T-con Board         

No Display or Grey Screen - Common Fault on LG 370WX4-SLA1 


AUO T460HB01 V0 (46T12-C01) T-con Board with Randomly No Display Problem          

LG 470WU5-SLA1(6870C-0140B) No Display Problem Solved   

How to Solve Samsung LCD TV Oil Painting Display Problem   

How to Repair LCD TV Symptom with Blue Screen and Vertical Bars  

How to Repair the Display Washed Out Screen Problem    

How to Easily Remove AS-15F or AS-15HF IC without 3 Minutes  


Part-5: All Good LCD/LED Screen Panel Repairing Information and Bonuses          

TAB/COF IC Equivalent List (over 40+ TAB/COF equivalent part number. if who has the TAB/COF Bonding Machine, it will help to them)     

TAB/COF Bypass List (Click here for details TAB/COF part numbers)     

How to Login to the Universal LCD/LED TV Mainboard Factory Setting (6M30, 6M48, 6M182, MST6E18, MST6M48, HX6M181, TSUV59V2, TopTech V59, V29 Series, V59 Series, VST811 & etc)      

How to Solve Display Distortion (Oily Painting Display) Problem in Universal LCD/LED TV Mainboard    

How to Solve Display Upside Down Problem in Universal LCD/LED TV Mainboard          

Samsung Display Distortion (Oily Painting Display) Repair Solution    

This LCD Panel Display Problem is Beyond Repair  


BONUS-A: LG LED/LCD TV Interconnect Schematic Diagrams 









47LH85- Interconnect 



79UB9800- Interconnect 


BONUS-A: T-Con Board Schematic/Circuit Diagrams 

AUO T370XW02 V5_CA1-H0453-02_1 

AUO T420XW01_CA1-H0509-61_1 

AUO T520HW01-V0-BN07-00650A 

Chimei V260B1-C03_LG 26LG7R 

LG LC320WXN-SAC1-731_6870C-0195A 

LG LC370WX4-SLA1-F11_6870C-0158A 



LG LC470WUN-SAA2-731_6870C-4200C 

Samsung LTA320AP02 


BONUS-B: (This Bonus not inside the Ebook, it is inside the Download Page)

* Collection of T-con Board Repairing Information (Over 50+ Models of T-con Board)  

* LG T-con Troubleshooting & Training Guide

* LG TFT-LCD-Production-Process-Explained 


  Here's a preview of some pages from the V4.0 LCD & LED TV Repair Tips ebook!

preview of lcd led screen panel repair guide


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Compatible with: PC, Laptop & MAC Computer

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Not only that, it also inlcuded the lastest model of LG Interconnect Diagram and different model of T-con board schematic diagram! It also come with a super bonus: "Collection of T-con Board Repairing Information"!!!


lcd led screen panel repair troubleshooting repairing

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I look forward to getting a letter from you and telling me about your LCD or LED TV repair experience. Even though I may receive lots of email, please do write to me. I'd love to hear your success story!

Enjoy & Happy Repairing!

 Kent Liew

P.S: With just one successful repaired (with the help of “LCD/LED Screen Panel Repair Guide” E-book) you already get back your investment! This e-book will pay itself back many times!

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